How to brighten up a celebration with balloons

How to brighten up a celebration with balloons

Balloons are a symbol of any joyous occasion. They bring smiles to any room; be it birthdays, anniversaries or weddings. Balloons are usually alway a part of the decor, by giving any space a lively and vibrant atmosphere.

Balloon decoration is not a hard task. You just have to know how to properly place them at the right positions in the room. Balloons can be found in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes so you have many choices to pick from based on your party’s theme. Here is a rundown of tips to help you get your party started.


Selecting the right color for the right occasion can bring wonderful effects to a party. But different celebrations call for different color combinations of the balloons-

Birthdays- Shades of blues and pinks go wonderful with any birthday unless you already have a theme in mind for the type of balloons you want. The combination of two or three colors usually goes well with any birthday party.

Weddings- Weddings call for subtle colors such as pastels, gold and ivory, pale pink and ivory, pale pink and ivory, shades of blue and pink.

Types of balloons-

Foil Balloons-

Foil balloons can generally be inflated with helium and are self sealing. These balloons come with a valve which indicates when the balloons are full. You can inflate as long as the valve does not switch off and stops accepting any further helium. Make sure to fill the balloons slowly, so as to not burst or overfill them. Foil balloons last a good 2 to 3 days.

Latex Balloons

The quality of the latex balloon dictates whether they have to be filled with air or helium. Ensure that the balloons are good enough to take helium. Some balloons may be able to take helium, but deflate after sometime. Helium balloons are thicker in size and darker when un-inflated. If you want your balloons to last a long time once blown up, keep them away from sunlight.

Regardless of what event you’re having, balloons are a timeless decoration; and and affordable one. Based on the occasion, you can use balloons in various colors, shapes and sizes.

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