Decorating Corporate Events With Balloons

Decorating Corporate Events With Balloons

Decorating for corporate events can be challenging. On the one hand you want to uplift the mood, but at the same time you want to maintain a professional and formal feel. Balloon decoration is one of the amazing ways turn any boring venue into an interesting and exciting one without overdoing it. If you have been dealing with such a predicament, make sure you follow these simple and easy to implement ideas listed below. But first let us dig into the types of balloons so that you have a clear idea about which one to go with.

Choosing the right type of balloon

Balloons glorify every party. As compared to any other décor idea, they are cheaper and are available in a number of shapes, sizes and types.

1. Air filled balloons

These balloons cannot flow above your head. They can be used on the stage or tied around the pillars. Wherever they are used, they add beauty to the venue.

2. Helium filled balloons

These balloons are lighter than air. They stay upright on a single string. There are different decoration ideas that can be implemented with these balloons like swirled arches and clouds. Since they are light weight, decorated weights are available to control their placement.

3. Foil Balloons

These are made of shiny foils and are filled with helium gas or plain air. They have a long deflationary time which makes them last longer. These are highly durable because of the foil material used which makes them the perfect choice for outdoor events.

4. Metallic Balloons

These are the glossy and reflective types of balloons and are capable of adding a stylish and chic appearance to any event. For a better decorative effect, transparent balloons can be mixed with this type.

Decoration Tips

1. Balloon Arches at the entrance point

Balloon arches are always an interesting idea. Surprise your clients and social networks at the entry point itself with balloon arches. The arches can be designed in such a way that they promote your company’s logo, brand, products and services.

• Balloon Arch Instructions

Calculating the number of balloons for an arch is the first requirement to create a balloon arch. To figure this out, you need to measure the width and height of the area where you wish to display the arch to get an approximate idea of the length of the line.

1. For an arch that is wider than it is tall-
Width height=total length.
2. For an arch with same width and height-
Width + (1.5x height) = total length.
3. For an arch taller than it is wide-
Width+ (2 xheight) =total length

• Number of balloons required for an arch-
The number of balloons required depends on the type of arch you want-
A. String of pearls arch-  About three 11-inch balloons per meter.

B. Clustered arch- For a clustered arch divide the length of the arch by the diameter of the balloons and multiply the result by 4.8 to get the number of balloons. However, make sure that the length and diameter are in the same unit (example both of them should be in mm,cm,m,in or ft)

2. Balloon Columns

Balloon columns can be used to create your Company’s logo. An event sure is for refreshment but you would also want to add more clientele to your business. Make your event a real hit by providing fun and entertainment along with the X-factor that encourages more and more people to be a part of your team. The balloon columns can give a beautiful backdrop to the guests where they can capture photos which in turn promotes your Company’s logo. This will possibly be the most impressive part of your balloon display.

3. Balloon Centrepieces

Use balloons as the table centrepieces. It is a brilliant way to decorate the tables. Turn your corporate event into a corporate holiday fun party with different soft hues of balloons.

4. Balloons at the bar

If your corporate event has a bar area add an extra touch by using balloons there. But do not add too many balloons as it will ruin the ambience of the bar. It should look simple and sober. Highlight the good drinks by tying balloons and ribbons to them. Do not go over board and try only the little things to make the bar area outstanding.

5. Maintain uniformity

Plan the design in advance. You surely do not want random designs that do not match the theme of your party.

Corporate events are formal and professional. The beauty of the balloons does the work of uplifting the vibes in the event without looking too informal. Surprise the attendees by throwing a grand event with these ideas to turn your event into a memorable one.

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