5 Classically Creepy Ideas for Halloween Decorations

5 Classically Creepy Ideas for Halloween Decorations

Stumped on what to do for your Halloween party this year? Perhaps you’d like to go for more of a traditional scare tactic around your neighborhood. Whether it’s realistic decor you’re aiming for, or the detailed costume design, there’s no shortage of ideas to revive the old Hallows Eve spirit. Skip the modern-day creepshow and get back to the classics that brought to life those genuine frightful screams. From Carrie to Alfred Hitchcock, celebrate with these 5 creepy Halloween ideas.

Just “Ghoul”ing Around

Perhaps this echos the sinister laughter of Children of the Corn: 7-10 lit-up ghost children gathering hands and almost dancing in a circle around a giant pumpkin – or perhaps a life-like body prop!

Clowns Can Climb

Traditional creepy clowns are expected to present themselves in over-dressed faces and tattered clothing. But no one will expect to see one climbing your fence at night! Without making it too obvious, grab a life-size skeleton, dress it up clown style, and prop him climbing up your fence. Don’t forget the most important prop of all – the balloon. Not just any balloon, but one which will withstand weather elements. And Qualatex balloons in Denver are available through certified venders.

Versatile Villains

Dress your yard with a few lofty teepees and tall, unkempt stalks of wheat pillaring out of the top. Inside each teepee can present a pair of creepy glow-in-the-dark eyeballs painted on helium balloons. Artificial fog and light can highlight and transform the look of a giant white balloon gathering of ghosts that light up.

Classic Pumpkin Parade

Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang had it correct – a simple sheet or handmade mask can be just as creepy, and for half of the cost! Dancing, playful pumpkins exacerbate the old era with tempestuous eyes and devious smiles on pumpkin decor. Handmade pumpkin burlaps stuffed with straw to appear old and decrepit. Balloon decorating is a must, and you can have so much fun getting creative with various pumpkin balloon designs and shapes. You can even order custom balloons Denver offers through local balloon experts.

Realistically Gruesome

And lastly, the old school costumes that really shake your core. It’s amazing how creepy an old sheet, eggshell white, thrown over a balloon, can really affect the Halloween feel. Traditionally, ghosts are a flowy, ash white of an orb floating in its simple form. You don’t need to go overboard with paint to achieve these creeping, floating ghosts, whether you hang them from trees or on your front porch!

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