What to Look for in Quality Balloons

What to Look for in Quality Balloons

Not all balloons are created equal. Some require helium. Some are meant to be formed into figures. When you’re looking to dress up your big event, it’s quite tempting to go to the nearest dollar store to fetch various colors and designs. Quality balloons actually make all of the difference to your special event. You want them to last in color and shape throughout the duration of your event. So what does a high-quality balloon look like? Watch for these subtle signs to find the best custom balloons Denver has to offer.

Where’s your Event being Held?

Consider where your event is taking place. Is it outdoors in the hot sun? Inside a gymnasium? Wherever you’re going to be holding the party, your balloons need to in happy shape from the moment your latex balloon Denver distributor arrives until your guests have left. If you’re going to be outdoors, look for balloons that are weather resistant. Heavy winds, a lot of sun, or possible rain needs to be taken into account when planning to arrange balloons for an event. Qualatex is a higher quality latex with proven durability and strength when it comes to weathering the outdoor elements.

Made in the U.S.A

American made products are not only better for our economy, but the companies who sell American made products know the meaning of quality over quantity. Balloons made in America are usually found through a vendor/distributor because they know what to offer their clients. Perhaps you’re getting ready to have a balloon animal party. This will require high-quality latex to house the amount of air while still maintaining shape throughout the event.

Not in Store

Most likely, you won’t find high-quality, durable balloons in your nearest shopping center. Again, distributors and vendors seek out the best brands to ensure that your party stays ‘afloat’. It’s best to seek out a local expert that buys their balloons at high-end companies.

The Right Balloons for your Events

From 2012-2017, party supply sales have gone up 3.7%. There has been a consistent demand for party decorations, namely high-quality balloons.

Another way to ensure high-quality balloons is to check with local wholesale balloons Denver has available. A distributor will have many years under their belt, working a plethora of events from kids parties to weddings. The distributor will also have good rapport with clients they rely on to return to them for their party needs. Lastly, the balloon distributor will know how to dress your event with top-notch balloons.

Before you go the store for generic cheap balloons, call the experts at Hico Distributors. They have over 30 years of providing balloons to all kinds of events. Let them pick the right balloon for your special event!

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