6 Innovative Ways to decorate with balloons

6 Innovative Ways to decorate with balloons

Balloons are such a fun way to celebrate almost any occasion for kids and adults. There is certainly no shortage of creative ideas for balloon decorating. With the hundreds of styles, colors, and designs, your possibilities for themes are endless. Whether you want an outdoor wedding or a company picnic, you can find fun and exciting placements for balloons. Here are some innovative ways to have fun with your balloon decor.

White Wedding

Balloon animals are one thing, but building a giant swan made from hundreds of whimsical white balloons adds the kind of flare you’ll never forget. The archway can be a hue of pink, blue, gold, or silver with white. Balloon flowers can be carefully arranged in the ideal colors of the theme of the wedding.

DIY Party Path

Lead the way with a beautiful display of the colors that you desire for your party. A balloon path is perfect for longer driveways or pathways to the backyard. For nighttime, you can add dim outdoor lights to illuminate the way for guests to traverse to and from.

Gender Reveal

Baby balloons are fun. They bring excitement and leviety to the baby reveal. For a fun gender reveal, fill a large, dark colored helium balloon with either blue or pink confetti. When it comes time for the gender to be revealed, pop the balloon for a sparkling display of pink or blue!

Balloon Ceiling

Yep! A colorful – one solid color – display of shiny balloons can cover your outdoor deck ceiling to enhance the colors of the party. You can mix big and small and create a pattern for an innovative display.

Photo Balloons

Graduations, birthdays, and even weddings would be ideal for photo balloons. Just choose polaroids or prints of your photos and attach them to various helium balloons. If you have a group graduation, this is a great way to incorporate a series of balloons in a designated room. Toss them up and let them do the talking all themselves.

Fun and Fruity

Lastly, this universal party trend can add flare to any theme. Arrange the balloons to create a cluster of grapes, a giant apple and pineapple, or any fruit with the many colorful balloon options. This can require the skill of a balloon professional so when you’re ready to get your helium balloon tanks in Denver, be sure to give a local expert a call.

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