Innovative Kids Party Ideas

Innovative Kids Party Ideas

Running out of fun kids birthday ideas? Childhood is such a precious time in the lives of parents and loved ones and you want to make each birthday memorable as the years progress. Perhaps you want to celebrate an accomplishment in a child’s life and haven’t a clue where to begin. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the child light up when they are celebrated, no matter the occasion.

The Planning

You don’t need a birthday to have a party. You can celebrate moving to a new grade in school, completing a level of taekwondo, or even beginning a new rank in summer camp. Whatever you decide, let the event navigate your ideas for a party of the child’s dreams.

Learn & Play

You never stop learning, even as an adult. Kids look up to us and often interpret what they see when it comes to visualizing what mom and dad jobs are. So why not break out your best skills to demonstrate or ask a few moms and dads to show the kids what their jobs entail. If you’re a construction worker, bring a few fun tools and projects for the kids to get a hands-on experience. If you’re a photographer you could pick up some disposable cameras and show them how you capture the perfect image. If you happen to be a balloon artist, this would be a perfect opportunity to teach them how you make fun designs and decorations with various colored balloons. Perhaps you know someone who specialized in helium balloons in Denver and you can get them to come talk about their experience in their career.


You can really brighten someone’s day by personalizing their party. Perhaps you notice that your child loves to build his/her own cities/cars/buildings with their toys. You can set up different building stations geared towards using relevant materials to compete each project.

Get Crafty

On a budget? No problem. There’s nothing more exciting than breaking out the craft supplies. And the great outdoors are the perfect setting to allow nature’s tools to spark creativity. All four season offer a little something different. And if outdoors isn’t your style, the nearest craft store has all of your supplies. Popsicle sticks, driftwood, sand, q-tips, and much more can be the perfect project party.

Specific Theme

Princesses, unicorns, and their favorite fictional character may seem traditional for little girls, but it’s the running theme most of the time. And you can have the balloon delivery Denver expert help you choose which balloons, colors and detail you’d like for this specific theme. Gold, white, and silver tones transform the ambience into a magical fairytale setting for little girls. And a reputable source that distributes helium balloons in Denver can offer the right themed elements to your party.

Double Up!

Why not make it a double party if your child and a friend’s child both have a birthday that falls on the same day?! The spilt cost will help pay the expenses. Each child can choose a theme. The only real difference can be in the cake! Each child can have their own cake. The two birthday kids can be a pair of their favorite movie characters, super heros, or whatever they love to play.

When it comes to innovative kids party ideas, the possibilities are endless. Don’t forget the balloons: they play a big role in putting on the perfect event. Hico Distributing has been serving the Denver area for over 20 years so if you have any questions or need to generate some ideas for your next party, we have you covered! Call us today for more information!

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