When to Use Jumbo Size Balloons

When to Use Jumbo Size Balloons

Balloons are a popular element to add to any party. They’re whimsical, fun, and nowadays you can practically find them in any shape, color, style, and size for whatever party you intend. Jumbo balloons are a great way to make a big statement whether you’re entertaining a large crowd or a children’s birthday party. Here are some ways to incorporate jumbo sized balloons.

Grand Opening

Whether you’re a new business or just moving to another location, you want to celebrate with noticeable exposure. You want your customers to find you easily so they can celebrate your success. What a better way than to add colorful jumbo helium balloons? You can have your logo, pictures of your products, or your catchphrase added. These elements make your grand opening personal and memorable for your guests.

Gender Reveal

Gender reveals are so special. And they are getting more and more creative by the moment. From cutting into a blue or pink cake to a full fireworks display. It truly is a timeless moment for parents, especially new parents. Try filling a jumbo balloon with pink or blue confetti when you’re ready to make your dramatic reveal. The flickering, shimmery confetti art is a fun and exciting way for guests to celebrate the gender of your new baby with you.

Car Show

Balloons are almost expected at any car show. You want to gather the attention of guests with groups of colorful balloons to show off your selection of antique or modern cars. Use jumbo balloons to promote the logos of different vendors who are funding the show. Or they can even provide information or fun facts about each car, scattered throughout the lot for people to brush up on their knowledge of antique cars.

Wedding Glam

Show off your new last name with jumbo letters in gold, white, silver, or any color you’ve chosen as your theme. Each member of the bridal party can hold letters to display names or words that describe the bride and groom or something that is meaningful to them.

Now that you have a plethora of ideas for using jumbo sized balloons, you want to stick with high quality balloons that’ll last through your whole event. You can find local vendor that supplies Qualatex balloons in Denver right to your next event. Hico Distributing has been servicing Denver for over 20 years. With hundreds of high-quality helium balloons to choose from, they’ll get you set up for your next event with no problem. Contact them today or drop by their showroom!

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