5 Unique Latex Balloons

5 Unique Latex Balloons

Struggling to come up with something unique for your daughter’s Sweet 16? Perhaps you want to make your co-worker feel excited about their new promotion and want to leave them with a lasting, memorable experience. Or maybe you’re just tired of the traditional use of latex balloons. There are various unique ways to use balloons. And you don’t have to be a balloon animals expert, either.

Balloons Inside Balloons Inside Balloons!

A great way to make your gathering unique and stand out is the use of three different sized balloons that fit inside of each other. You can mix and match colors, add pictures or fonts, and even add a different shape. You can even set a small scene within the larger balloon, adding lightweight figurines and settings. The outer larger balloon should always be clear to showcase your unique design within the balloon.

Full of Hot Air!

Perhaps incorporating a hot air balloon isn’t possible for this party. But it doesn’t mean you can’t bring the hot air fun indoors. Whether it’s a party or a photoshoot prop, the 3D hot air balloon ‘balloon’ fills the room with style. Similar to a real hot air balloon, it can even have a basket that carries objects such as stuffed animals, small gifts, and even floral arrangements.

Glow and Float

Nowadays you can light up your night whether in your pool or on your patio with infrared balloon decor. These perfect spheres give a mystical, magical glow in white or the color of your choice. The latex balloons are water resistant and hold up to 8 hours. They are operated with an LED switch controller and most are adjustable depending on where they’re used.

Spell It Out

Much like the versatile use of latex balloons to make animals, you – or an experienced wholesale balloons vendor in Denver- can use these balloons to create names, phrases, sentences, and more. It’s a unique way to express yourself by adding a personal touch.

Life-Size Fun

Just when you think you’ve had all the fun there is to have with balloons, there’s the ‘Climb in the Balloon’ balloon. Parental supervision only and with guidance by a trusted latex balloon expert in Denver, these strong-hold latex balloons are made to pack some serious pressure. With the help of a powerful leaf blower, you’ll climb into the opening while simultaneously dispersing air into the balloon. Kids and adults both have been known to have fun with these!

Now that you have a few fun ideas for your latex balloons, it’s time to get in touch with a custom balloons expert in Denver that specializes in delivering quality, latex balloons right to your next event. Hico Distributing is your one stop shop for quality latex balloons in Denver. How can we help you at your next event? Contact us today!

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