Why You Should Have Balloons at Your Next Event

Why You Should Have Balloons at Your Next Event

When we think of parties, we automatically think of balloons. Nowadays, balloons have evolved in their meaning and use from when they were first invented. The options are endless and add eye-catching appeal. There’s something fun about a balloon that just brings out the kid in all of us. These few reasons alone will entice you to add a little color and imagination with balloons to your next event. Balloons at Denver.

For the Budget

Why break the bank at your next party? Even if you can’t afford to go completely all out with your original idea, a balloon photo booth will liven up the party by creating a new and unique way to capture the memorable event. Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular because of the endless options and ideas they allow. You can even create a theme with various shapes and colored balloons to mimic the idea of your event. Balloons Denver.

For the Kids

Children love balloons. They love to look at them and hold them afloat and watch in wonder. Balloons are inexpensive distractions that simply amaze kids! For your next event, if you know children will be present, create a colorful corner where kids of a reasonable age can participate in balloon darts, balloon tennis, or even make their own balloon yoyo. For safety precautions, you can have an older kid supervise the gameplay.  These simple and easy ideas will keep the kids happy while the adults can enjoy, well, adult time!

For When Ideas Run Dry

Are you the one that family and friends call for party ideas? Perhaps the well has finally run a little dry and you’re not sure how you’re going to pull off another unique event. Balloons are an excellent, low maintenance and inexpensive way to celebrate any party. And the ideas and options are endless. For example, a children’s party can be decked out with colorful balloons that make up their favorite cartoon character or animal. Smaller parties such as an office party can have the same effect using themed balloon decor. Choose a favorite color and theme and decorate the office, break room, or a desk. Customizable balloons are perfect for when ideas run dry but you want something personal and fun. You can find relatively inexpensive custom balloons in Denver. A helium tank rental in Denver can cost less than if you were to go to a traditional party store for your balloons!


The summer heat can be unbearable and if lack of room has you concerned about hosting a party, outdoors may be your only option. Regardless of how hot it may be, it can still be doable and fun. You’re never too old for a water balloon war! Especially when your event calls for rambunctious children, this is the perfect family activity. Whether you have a birthday party or family reunions, water balloons keep it fun while you’re keeping cool in the heat. The options are endless when it comes to water balloon games such as hot potato.

Balloons are always a hit, whether filled with water or helium. And there are truly no shortages of ideas when it comes to your custom balloons in Denver. But rather than renting your own tank to fill them up, let an expert take the responsibility off your hands. You don’t want to spend the majority of your setup filling balloons. Hico Distributing of Colorado has been servicing the Denver area for over 20 years, and offers qualatex and tuftex balloons for your party needs. Let us help you get your ideas to float! Browse our online inventory or call us today to get started!

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