How to Decorate with Pennant Flags

How to Decorate with Pennant Flags

Pennant flags can be a fun, versatile way to decorate your home and your yard. While pennant flags are typically thought of in relation to sports teams or universities, their use can go far beyond adorning the classic dorm room wall. If you are looking to spruce up your classroom, bedroom, kitchen, patio, office, or other property, look no further than pennant flags!

Decorating a classroom

Pennant flags are a bright, colorful way to accent a classroom — particularly if that classroom is filled with young, creative minds. Pennant flags your classroom can be used to display things in a variety of ways, including your school’s mascot or school colors. Consider pennant flags with letters or words that help highlight a certain area of the classroom, such as the teacher’s desk or a homework drop-box. Students can also create their own pennant flags to showcase their favorite color, animal, sport, or holiday. These pennant flags can then be hung over or across students’ desks or tables, or placed directly on the wall as wall art.

Decorating a home

If the classroom isn’t your scene, consider using pennant flags to creatively decorate rooms or areas of your home! You can display pennant flags in a nearly limitless amount of ways, including the following:

  • Around a lampshade: Add character to a neutral or plain lampshade in your home by creating a mini string of pennant flags. Using bright paper or colorful fabric, create small pennants that reflect the style and color palette of your home. Pennant flag backgrounds can be rustic, metallic, Americana, floral, vintage, or any other look that reflects your personal taste. Use a coordinating string or ribbon to connect the pennants, and voila, you have the perfect display!
  • Above a deck or patio: Pennant flags are a wonderful addition to any backyard patio space, and they add just the right amount of flair to a summertime barbeque party.
  • As seasonal decorations: Part of what makes pennant flags so popular is their versatility to reflect nearly any occasion. If you are feeling creative, consider making individual pennant flag banners for each season, major holiday, and birthday celebrated in your home.

Decorating an office

While pennants may appear to have a more whimsical place in a home or classroom, tasteful pennant flags can also be used to add character to a bland or lifeless office space. Pennant flags make wonderful centerpieces that are both simple to make and allow you to showcase your personality in a cubicle or at a desk. You can also use pennant flags to personalize office supplies, such as your pens or highlighters. Miniature pennant flags are easily attached to writing instruments with tape, and they can also create a fun border around a desktop monitor or telephone docking station.Custom pennant flags.

At Hico Distributing of Colorado, we believe that life can and should be fun — and we always encourage our customers to add personality to their lives wherever they can. We are a large supplier of custom pennant flags in Denver, and we can help with all your decorating needs for classrooms, homes, offices or other spaces. If you have questions about our balloons, pennant flags or other party supplies, do not hesitate to call us today at (303) 937-8007.

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