15 Unique and Creative Ways to Use Balloons

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15 Unique and Creative Ways to Use Balloons

Tying a string to the bottom of a balloon, molding it into an animal or filling it with water are not the only ways to use balloons! Try using balloons in one of these unexpected ways to add a little more whimsy and fun to your life. Find your balloons Denver and enjoy the party.

1.) Frozen water balloons

Instead of going through endless bags of ice to keep your drinks cold, use frozen water balloons! Simply fill them with water and stick them in the freezer.

2.) Confetti filled balloons

Before you inflate your balloons, put some confetti inside them. This is great for celebrations such as New Years Eve. When the midnight strikes simply have your guests pop the balloons and let the confetti ring in the New Year!

3.) Dress up the balloons

Putting party hats, glasses and even drawing faces on balloons is a great activity for any kid (or adult!) party.

4.) LED balloons

At your next party consider using balloons as ambiance lighting. Place a small LED light inside the balloon before you inflate it and now you have a fun spin on your decorations and lighting scheme.

5.) Balloon arch

Sometimes placing a single balloon on your mailbox or front door just isn’t enough. Try stepping up your balloon game and get a balloon arch instead!

6.) Balloon drink stirs

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your place settings, might we suggest incorporating balloons? Take a small balloon and blow it up until it’s slightly larger than your fist. Then tie, or super glue, the balloon to a tall drink stir and there you have it!

7.) Number made of balloons

Instead of going the traditional route of a giant birthday number balloon, why don’t you make a giant number made of balloons. So if you are throwing a six year old a birthday party, don’t get a giant balloon or candle in the shape of a six, make a six by pulling together a bunch of balloons!

8.) Balloons as cake toppers

Similar to the balloon drink stirs, you can use balloons as cake or cupcake toppers to add some fun to your dessert table.

9.) DIY balloon drop

For your next celebration considering making your own balloon drop with these easy DIY instructions!

10.) Painted balloons

Whether you want your guests to paint the balloons or your just feel your party calls for paint splattered balloons, painting balloons is an entertaining way to use them.

11.) Giant lollipop balloons

By using empty wrapping paper tubes, cellophane and balloons you can create a lollipop forest.

12.) Balloon ceiling ornaments

Attach a string and hang balloons from your ceiling for a cool twist on ceiling decorations. Just make sure not to inflate the balloons with helium otherwise you will not get the desired effect.

13.) Balloon wreath

This holiday season instead of hanging a traditional wreath, hang a wreath made of festive colored balloons from your front door.

14.) Money balloon

If you’re looking for a fun way to surprise someone with a cash gift, consider putting the money inside a balloon. It makes the gift feel more special and definitely more fun to open!

15.) Piñata balloons

Opt for water balloon ‘piñatas’ at your child’s next party instead of one filled with candy. It’s still just as fun to play with but without the aftermath of a sugar crash.

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