Your Guide to Environmentally Friendly Balloon Usage


Your Guide to Environmentally Friendly Balloon Usage

Balloons have been a party staple since they were invented in 1824. Since their creation, they’ve become an essential element at every party scene. As much fun as they are, unfortunately they can be very damaging to our environment. Elements used for balloons, such as helium, strings and the balloon itself are hazardous when they aren’t disposed of properly and enter the environment. Have no fear though, there are numerous ways to use balloons and protect the environment. Let’s take a look at how to properly use balloons to stay environmentally friendly. 

Use latex balloons instead of mylar balloons

There are two types of decorative balloons: mylar and latex. Mylar is a non-biodegradable foil-like plastic made of polyester whereas latex is a biodegradable flexible material made from liquid rubber. For environmentally friendly balloon usage, you’ll want to use latex balloons, which includes qualatex and tuf-tex. But keep in mind that even though this natural rubber latex is technically biodegradable, you still will want to avoid from releasing them. Latex can take up to years to degrade, harming animals in the process. So when you’re ready for your next balloon delivery in Denver, make sure to order qualatex or tuf-tex balloons. 

Avoid releasing balloons

Whether it’s intentional or not, when a balloon is released, it becomes hazardous to the environment. What goes up must come down and in this case, when a balloon floats along its merry way, it will eventually fall on land or in the sea. Balloons can be mistaken for food and eaten by animals, leading to bad stomach issues or even death. So when you’re using balloons, try to avoid releasing them into the sky and instead deflate them and throw them in your garbage can.

Use environmentally friendly strings

Avoid using strings that use polyester or plastic, as those materials are harmful to the environment during production and the disposal process. Instead, use environmentally friendly alternatives, including, strings made of cotton or cardboard. They are biodegradable and more environmentally friendly. 

Dispose of them properly

As mentioned previously, releasing balloons is not the proper way to dispose of them. To ensure that the environment isn’t harmed, avoid releasing them or leaving them outside unmonitored. You never know where they’re going to go and what kind of damage they will do to the Earth and its inhabitants. In addition, try to use balloons more than once. If you ordered 500 latex balloons in your balloon delivery, ask around online to see if anyone in your Denver neighborhood can use them the next day. 

By following these tips, you can have your party and save animals too! It is our responsibility to protect our environment by practicing sustainable methods of balloon disposal. For your next balloon delivery, consider Hico Distributing of Colorado, as we provide two types of biodegradable latex balloons. 

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