Ten New Ways to Decorate with Pennant Flags

Ten New Ways to Decorate with Pennant Flags

When it comes to decorating, it can be difficult to come up with new ideas that fit the occasion. You want to use decorations that bring some color and set the mood while avoiding decorations that are bland or unoriginal. 

With pennant flags, there are tons of ways to use them creatively and create an appealing look. While you might think that they are only good for barbeques and summer events, there are plenty of ways that you can decorate with pennant flags in Denver that are new and exciting. 

1. Represent Your Favorite Sports Team

Pennant flags are a great way to show your love for your favorite sports team. Getting pennant flags that match your team colors is a great way to accent the room during a big game.

You can also get pennant flags that have your teams logo on them as well. These pennant flags make a great decoration for game days, den areas, and man caves. 

2. Decorate Your Baby Shower

If you’re welcoming a new life into this world, a baby shower is a perfect way to celebrate. And if you’re looking for decorations that will make the room pop, look no further than pennant flags.

You can use pennant flags to celebrate the birth and the gender of your child; using blue flags for boys and pink flags for girls helps accent the entire party. You can also blue and white or pink and white for a softer, less pronounced look. If you are waiting to learn the gender or are having a gender-neutral baby shower, pennant flags in green, purple, or yellow are perfect. 

3. Celebrate a Graduation

If your children or someone special to you is graduating, pennant flags are a great way to set the mood for the graduation party. You can get flags that match the school colors or the color of the gowns, which will help create an atmosphere and a color scheme. 

You can also get flags that have writing on them, and a simple, “Congratulations!” on the flags will help create a festive atmosphere. 

4. Decorative Markers

If you’re having a large party, sometimes it can be difficult to point out areas of importance like banquet tables or bathrooms. Using bright, colorful pennant flags can help you draw the eyes of your guests to areas of importance. Use pennant flags to spruce up the appearance of tables, photo booths, and other important areas. This will help draw guests in and help you utilize the space. 

5. Cordon Off Areas 

At large events, it can be hard to cordon off areas that guests shouldn’t be entering. You can use pennant flags to rope off areas that are restricted without using barriers or ugly ropes.

You can also create separate areas and spaces using the pennant flags. Rope off an area for dancing, an area for eating, and an area for socializing. Pennant flags can help you organize your party area and keep things flowing smoothly. 

6. Decorate the Car

If you’re taking your car to a special event like a big game or a party at the beach, you can decorate your car so it becomes part of the festivities. 

Using pennant flags that have your team colors on your car is a great way to set the mood for a tailgate. Pennant flags on your car is also a great way to use your car as a decoration and a centerpiece for a beach party. 

7. Create a Collage

With so many different colors, sizes, styles, and patterns available for pennant flags, you can use all these different colors and patterns to create a beautiful look. 

Hanging many strings of pennant flags with different designs close to each other creates a collage effect. This collage effect looks great on walls and tables, and can also be used with hanging pennant flags. 

8. Brighten Up Your Business

When it comes to decorating your business space, you need decorations that will catch the eye of your customers and bring them in. 

Pennant flags are a great decoration for businesses because they are colorful and eye-catching, giving your business a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. You can also use them outdoors during sales or special events to bring in even more customers. 

9. Decorate a Dorm Room

A bland, drab dorm room can be difficult to decorate without creating a cluttered, stuffy space. Pennant flags are an affordable and tasteful way for college students to express their creativity and add some color to their rooms. 

You can also get pennant flags with the school colors or the school mascot on them to inject a little school spirit into a dorm room. For instance, if you’re attending the University of Denver, you could get maroon and gold pennant flags in Denver. 

10. Bring Life to the Stairs

If you are having a large party at your house, you need to use decorations that lighten up your space and also serve a purpose. 

You can use pennant flags on the banister of your stairs to bring some color to the stairs. It also helps point out to guests that the upper and lower levels of your home are open for the party and aren’t cordoned off. 

Pennant Flags for Every Occasion 

As you can see, pennant flags are a great choice for any occasion and can be used in a ton of different ways. You can also come up with your own ideas on how to use pennant flags and create your own beautiful decorations. 
If you have any questions about pennant flags or you would like to order pennant flags in Denver, please contact HICO Distributing at 303-937-8007.

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