How to use pennant flags in your holiday decorating

pennant flags

How to use pennant flags in your holiday decorating

Pennant flags have been used as decoration for hundreds of years. These colorful, triangular flags used to decorate warships as they were preparing to disembark. They’ve also been used for a long time by professional sports teams and colleges to show school pride and team spirit. These days, they’ve found yet another application with the rise in popularity of farmhouse decor. Here are just a few ways to use pennant flags in your Denver holiday decorating this year. 

Hang them in an entryway 

Holiday pennant flags in Denver are easy to find this year. You’ll come across them in most stores in various sizes, and there are even a few specialty distributors around town that offer plenty of flags to choose from in a slew of color combinations, (and even emblazoned with cheerful holiday sayings)! A festive way to welcome guests into your home this year would be to hang a series of holiday pennant flags in your entryway, greeting people the moment they arrive.  

Hang them outside

You can also find larger flag sets for use outside. Consider stringing a small set across your front doorway, or hanging a longer set across your porch or garage door. A small festive set of flags will go a long way in prettying up your space for the holiday season.  

Hang them above the fireplace

Another no brainer spot in your home to use pennant flags in your holiday decorating is across your mantle above your fireplace. This is traditionally the area where stockings go, but nothing says you have to decorate the same way every year. Grab a cute holiday pennant flag set that’s the perfect width of your mantle and change up your holiday decor.  

Hang them on your kitchen island

No one says holiday decorating has to stop in the living room, entryway, or outdoor spaces either. You can search for a longer series of holiday pennant flags and wrap them around your whole kitchen island to bring holiday cheer into a room that doesn’t often get much decorating during everyone’s favorite time of the year. You can opt to go all the way around the island, or maybe even just the front or sides, depending on how you use this gathering space in your home. 

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