Hico Balloons Offers Party Supplies for Special Occasions

Hico balloons

Hico Balloons Offers Party Supplies for Special Occasions

Everyone wants to throw a great party without breaking the bank. It is possible with the right party supply store in your back pocket. If you have a celebration coming up, stop in for Hico balloons and everything else balloon-related that you’ll need to make it an event to remember.

Hico balloons – qualatex 

Qualatex balloons are largely considered the best kind of balloon to have on hand for your party decor. These balloons are made from 100 percent latex. The great news about latex is that it’s biodegradable. That means that it won’t harm the environment or sit in a landfill for decades after the party is over. The latex used in the manufacturing of these balloons comes from the rubber tree. That means they are also a sustainable product because a rubber tree can produce latex for more than 30 years.  You can order qualatex balloons from Hico in practically any color under the rainbow.

Hico balloons – Tuf tex

Hico balloons also carries a wide assortment of Tuf tex balloons. These balloons are a specific brand of latex balloons and are considered the highest quality. They also have long necks which make tying easier and a nice shape when fully inflated. Hico balloons has more than 80 Tuf tex balloon products in stock including countless color options, imprinted balloons, and balloon accessories.

Custom balloon orders

If you’re not sure what kinds of balloons will best suit your party, stop in or call to talk to one of Hico Distributing’s knowledgeable associates. They can help you figure out how many balloons you need, what colors would best fit the part theme, and even help you with a custom order. Hico also has a lot of neat balloon accessories in stock that will help make your party planning easier and effortless.  

Helium tanks

Transporting balloons can be a hassle. Depending on the number of them that you plan to have in your party space, a helium tank for on-site filling might be a better idea. You can count on Hico for that service too. The company will deliver the tank to your space and pick it up when you’re done. A small tank usually fills 100 balloons, a medium tank can fill 200 balloons, and a large tank will fill 400 balloons.

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