What to Know About Propane


What to Know About Propane

Propane has become a popular fuel for use in homes. It’s effective at heating pools, cooking food, and even fueling entire HVAC systems. It’s also easy on the wallet compared to other traditional fuel sources. If you’re considering going the propane route, here are some things you should know including where to find propane refill. 

Where can you get a propane refill?

If appliances in your home or your outdoor spaces utilize propane for fuel, it’s best to know where you can find more fuel when you run out. You can search online for propane refill options and the results will be filtered for you based on your geographical location. If you have friends and family that also use propane, you might ask them for suggestions too. Also consider asking the retailer where you purchased your propane appliance. There is a pretty good chance that they might know the best place to find more fuel.   

Is exchange or refill better?

If the propane you use at home comes by small tank like with outdoor grills, the tank is easy enough to carry around when the time comes to refill it. You will pay almost $2 less per gallon if you choose to refill the tank rather than exchange it at a convenience store or other retailer. Depending on the size of your tank, that could be significant savings. 

How much does it cost?

Propane is a commodity and its price on the open market fluctuates. The average cost for propane usually hovers around $3-4 per gallon for refills. As previously mentioned, prefilled tanks that you exchange will cost more. It pays to invest in a permanent tank that you bring in for refills or set up refill delivery.  

Setting up delivery 

There are many propane dealers who are more than happy to come to you. There is another advantage for securing this service and that’s having an experienced person look over your storage tank to make sure it remains in good condition. There is no price for peace of mind and dependability that things will work as they should throughout your home.

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