Why Can Helium Balloons Float?

Why Can Helium Balloons Float?

What’s a party without balloons? And what’s a party with saggy balloons drifting all over the ground—not a good one. If you’re planning a party, you must include balloons and they must be ones inflated with helium so that they can float. Have you ever wondered why can helium balloons float? Read the answers to that question and more below. 

Why can helium balloons float? What is helium?

Helium is a chemical element on the periodic table. It’s also an inert gas and the lightest weight of all the gasses called noble gasses. Because helium is lighter than either oxygen or carbon dioxide, the chemical components of air, it will float above air. This is precisely how can helium balloons float.   

How long can helium balloons float

The answer to this question is very important to any party planner. The length of time that balloons will float depends on the size and material of the balloon. Standard size latex balloons can last as long as 20 hours when filled with helium. Foil or mylar balloons can last up to seven days when inflated with helium. There are also products that can extend the life of floating balloons.  

Make helium balloons float longer 

There is a product on the market called Hi Float which can make helium balloons last a lot longer. You add a squirt of the solution into an inflated balloon. It works by coating the interior of the balloon and preventing and escaping helium through the latex. If you need helium balloons to last a while, you should definitely consider adding a gallon of Hi Float to your order. 

Don’t forget the accessories

When incorporating balloons in any party planning, it’s important to remember all the necessary accessories. You’ll need ribbon to tie balloons together and down so that they don’t float away. Balloon weights also work in this regard but you still need to tie the balloon to the weight. There is also a new product on the market called UGlu that attach balloons together making it easier to form shapes or keep bouquets together. 

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