The Best Uses for Helium Balloons at Events

The Best Uses for Helium Balloons at Events

Balloons can make a party festive. What would birthday parties or proms be with without them? Their uses can also be well beyond simply tying string and leaving them to float together in balloon bouquets. Instead, consider these other uses for helium balloons at events

Consider confetti filled helium balloons at events

The eventual outcome for any helium balloon at events is that it will eventually be popped when clean up after the party is winding down. Why not add a little surprise element to the party’s end by filling helium balloons with confetti. When it’s time for everyone to leave, pop the confetti balloons for a colorful waterfall of bright confetti pieces raining down on all of your guests. How fun!  

Add chalkboard helium balloons at events

Combine a floating balloon with a chalkboard service and you have a great mash up. Leave festive messages on balloons. Allow party goers to share their own or even create a fun way of memoralizingthe special moments and faces of an important day.  

Use balloons as the party invitation

Most helium balloon dealers have the capability of printing directly on the balloon latex. For your next party or event, consider having the details stamped on a deflated balloon. Deliver the balloons to your guest list in an envelope with instructions to inflate for more information. What fun way to get your potential guests in the party spirit.   

String or dip balloons

Take inflated balloons and string them together using a large needle and yarn. Of course you won’t be able to insert the yarn into the body of the balloon without popping it so instead thread the yard through the tiny lip of the balloon that’s created when the end is tied in a knot. You can also dip the tops of balloons into metallic colored paints for a chic addition to any party aesthetic.

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