What to Know About Helium Balloon Tanks

What to Know About Helium Balloon Tanks

If you have a big party on the horizon, chances are you’ll be thinking about party decorations soon. Balloons are a festive element and fit with pretty much any party theme. An inside secret to including balloons in your party decor is to rent your own helium balloon tanks in Denver. Here’s what you need to know about that. 

What size helium balloon tank should you rent

You should know that helium balloon tank comes in several different sizes. Typically the capacity ranges from 14 cubic feet to 250 cubic feet. In order to figure out which you need you need to know how many balloons you plan on blowing up. For reference, a 50 cubic feet helium tank can inflate 170 9-inch balloons and a 250 cubic feet tank can inflate around 900.   

What comes with a helium balloon tank

Whether you pick the tank up or have it delivered, you’ll want to know the parts of the tank for safe and proper use. You’ll see a regulator on the tank that tells you how much gas is left in the tank. It also has an attachment on it for filling balloons. These can be different for latex or foil balloons so be sure to specify when you set up the rental. 

Safe operation of the tank

It’s important to use care when moving the tank around and to always keep it in an upright position. Keep inflated balloons away from electricity, and do not attempt to lift the tank. It’s also wise to refrain from inhaling the helium which can cause suffocation.   

Other things to know about renting a helium tank

Renting your own helium tank might make sense for your next party or event. Rentals typically require some amount of deposit that’s refunded after safe and timely return of the tank. If you’ve rented a large tank that comes delivered on a hand cart, be sure to use the cart to move the tank around and never attempt to roll it or lift and carry it. It should remain upright at all times for safety reasons. 

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