How To Find Helium Tank Rentals

How To Find Helium Tank Rentals

Balloons are an easy addition to any party fare. They blend easily with practically any design aesthetic and are versatile in their use. Using balloons for your party decor has never been easier especially once you find helium tank rentals. If you’re considering renting a tank for an event in the near future, here’s what you should know about the process and the tank itself. 

When to consider helium tank renting

If you plan on using more balloons in your party decor than you can possibly fit in your car and safely drive around with, it might be a better idea to consider helium tank rentals. Tank rentals differ in size and the size you ultimately choose will depend on how many balloons you plan to inflate. The location from where you rent the tank can help you figure out what size is best for your intentions. 

How many balloons per tank

A small helium tank is 55 cubic feet and inflates roughly 100 12-inch latex balloons. A medium tank is 120 cubic feet and inflates roughly 220 12-inch latex balloons. A large tank is 220 cubic feet and inflates as many as 430 12-inch latex balloons.   

Helium tank rental term options

Most reputable helium tank rental Denver companies offer a range of rental terms to best suit your needs. Short term rentals can run as little as 7 days. Tanks include a regulator and come with a full tank of helium. Longer term rentals are usually available too and can be rented on a monthly basis.  

How to handle a helium tank

Many helium tank rental companies offer delivery as part of the rental service. If you must pick up the tank yourself, there are a few safety considerations that you should know. The tank is best transported in the trunk of your car tightly secured to keep it from sliding around the trunk. You want to be very careful handling the tank and take great care to not damage the nozzle, cylinder, or valve. 

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