Everything You Need To Know About Cloudbuster Balloons

Everything You Need To Know About Cloudbuster Balloons

The very first balloon was inflated with hydrogen in France in the late 1700s. The weather balloon spectacle delighted the crowds enough so that balloons have floated through the centuries enjoying popularity. They’ve come a long way since those early days and today’s balloon products really test the limits of the atmosphere like the fairly new cloudbuster balloons. 

What are cloudbuster balloons?

Cloudbuster balloons are giant balloons—8-feet in diameter—that really make a statement. They are filled with helium like typical balloons although it takes significantly more helium to inflate it fully. They’re often used for advertising purposes and other displays and when fully inflated can last up to 2 weeks floating high in the sky.  

What colors do cloudbuster balloons come in?

Cloudbuster balloons are made out of elastic chloroprene rubber. This material allows them to be fairly puncture resistant and to ward off the potential harsh environmental elements around it that might threaten to degrade normal latex balloons. They come in a rainbow of colors—from bright, primary shades to pastels.   

When should you use them?

These balloon types are statement makers. They’re sure to catch the eye of passersby and are perfect for sharing an advertising message with potential new customers on a highly trafficked road or well-attended event. If you’re looking to get your message out in a fun, unexpected way, you should definitely consider doing it on the face of a cloudbuster balloon. 

How are they inflated and cared for?

These balloons are inflated in much the same way that smaller versions are except that they must be done so on site since transporting them would be nearly impossible. The balloon features an extra long neck that can make filing easier, and the 8-foot models require more than 260 cubic feet of helium to inflate. This requirement would necessitate renting a large helium tank, too. 

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