How to Fill a Balloon with Helium at Home

How to Fill a Balloon with Helium at Home

Millions of balloons are sold each year to help mark a variety of celebratory events. From balloon bouquets to sculptures made out of them, they blend perfectly in practically any type of party decor. It used to be that the only way to get balloons to your party was to fill your back seat and maybe even make several trips depending on how many balloons you used. Not so these days with do-it-yourself options. So, for your next party, utilize this step-by-step guide for how to fill a balloon with helium at home

How to fill a balloon with helium

The first thing you’ll need to decide when it comes to how to fill a balloon with helium at home is just what size helium tank you’ll need to rent. If you have a lot of balloons to fill—like 400 or more—you might need to rent a large, 220 cubic feet tank. A medium-sized tank will fill half of that amount, and a small tank holds 55 cubic feet and will fill 100 12-inch balloons.   

Determine how long you’ll need the tank for

If you’re planning an event that lasts over several days, you might consider a short term rental. If you plan on several different events held over a longer period of time, you might need a long term rental. Look for a company that offers free delivery and pick up of the tank, too; one less thing you’ll have to worry about. 

How to fill a balloon with helium at home—getting started

Make sure the balloon valve is firmly in place and open the tank chamber. To inflate your first balloon, you’ll place the balloon over the valve. Once it’s firmly in place, you’ll push down on the valve and should hear the swoosh of the helium and see the balloon begin to inflate. Once it’s full, you’ll carefully remove from the valve, pinching closed, and finally, tying the balloon in a knot to seal the helium inside. 

When to blow up balloons

If you’re following directions on how to fill a balloon with helium at home for a party, you’ll also want to know how far in advance you fill them with your rented tank. Latex balloons, the most common variety that have a rubber feeling, will remain afloat for four to 16 hours. You’ll want to inflate these at close to party time as possible. If you’re working with mylar balloons, or balloons that look like foil, this type will remain afloat for several days meaning you can inflate them much farther in advance. 

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