A Guide to the Best Balloons for Outside

A Guide to the Best Balloons for Outside

Helium balloons are a great way to celebrate many of life’s milestones from birthdays to anniversaries, and everything in between. Things can get a bit trickier when you’re planning to use balloons outdoors and it’s important to keep a few key things in mind. So if an outdoor balloon display is in your cards, consider these tips about the best balloons for outside

The best balloons for hot days

Balloons filled with helium create a festive atmosphere that will make anyone smile. But, using them in the outdoor heat can prove difficult. For better luck, choose the best balloons for outside that are light in color, underinflate the balloons when you’re filling them up, or be sure to tell the balloon store that you plan on using them outside. Balloons swell in the heat, so it’s important to give them that room to expand. And if you’re attaching the balloons to a surface like an arch or fence railing, experts suggest adding a layer of duck tape between the balloon and the metal surface that might increase in temperature quickly.

Balloons and water

Using balloons outside can present a couple of scenarios that might saturate the balloon’s exterior. If you set them up outside at night time, the day before your event, you might wake to find them covered with morning dew. This moisture can cause your balloons to stick together and have a greater potential for popping. The other situation is rain, and well, it’s best to watch the forecast closely and try as hard as you can to avoid the rain and balloon mix altogether.   

Other tips for the best balloons for outside

It’s also important to remember when using balloons outside that surfaces like cement and grass can be detrimental to your inflated balloons so keep them clear. Plan for a shorter float time with helium balloons since heat causes the helium to escape the balloon at a faster rate. In fact, it’s best to try and keep the balloons in a shaded area as much as possible.   

Leaning on the balloon experts

The smartest move you can make is to lean on the balloon experts in your community. These professionals know what kinds of products will serve your purpose best. Make sure you thoroughly explain to them what your plans and desired outcome are. No doubt they will do their very best to help you make all of your balloon dreams a reality. 

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