What is the Qualatex Balloons Color Chart?

What is the Qualatex Balloons Color Chart?

What Are Qualatex Balloons?

The color world has certainly expanded in its ability to paint a scene for any party. Nowadays you can find just about any color, shade, style, textile, and scene to suit your event. Almost every vendor can provide party accommodations tot suit your style. In the world of balloons, we’ve certainly seen an advancement in the quality, shape, size, and color. There are endless colors to choose from, especially with Qualatex balloons.

Remember when balloons were made with one traditional substance? You didn’t have a variety of materials, so you were given a standard plastic made balloon. Qualatex balloons are made of 100% latex, which is environmentally safe and decomposes just as fast as the leaves in your yard do! The great part about these Qualatex balloons in Denver is that there really isn’t any limit to you color options.

What Is the Qualatex Balloons color Chart?

When planning your party theme, you’ll need desirable colors and styles. This balloon color chart will not only help you decide on colors but give you ideas on how you’d like to display these colors.

Basic Color Chart

The basic color chart offers shades that blend evenly with other shades and a variety of colors. You can find diamond, white, clear and even three shades of orange. These are your more traditional colors that make up the base of your look for the theme that you’re going for. Within the basic color chart, you have a selection of much more vibrant colors from the Rainbow of Colors section. This selection leans a little more on the colorful side, allowing your inspiration to take flight by selecting just the right amount of pop to pair with your basic color scheme. There are at least 10 shades of blue, 6 shades of purple, a few black and brown tones, a mix of 8 reds and pinks, and some relaxing tones of green. So you’re never out of design options with this entire color palette just waiting to be explored! And just when you think you cannot decide, this basic chart includes chrome and superagate styles as well. The superagate style is a mix of colors that mimic a marble design. The chrome style is sharp and shiny, each distinct in its own way. Next on your “Qualatex balloons in Denver” search, you’ll find that these basic colors come in custom options as well. So, there are no two colors that are alike! These custom-made colors may include other shades of superagate.

Pastel Color Chart

This color chart showcases balloons that are double-stuffed with vibrant colors, showcasing a matte or warm finish. The custom pastel colors feature brilliant warm hues of pink, blush, and ivory silk. These colors range from a soft yellow to a pastel lilac and soft lime (soft meaning that they show just enough of color but not over vibrant). The chalky pastels are slightly more playful in color. They have a unique look similar to chalk on a chalkboard, but each balloon favors the brilliance of each color.

Getting Creative

The best part about these endless sizes, styles and color options is the plethora of ideas. You can build on your theme; for example, make a cute unicorn, a magical entry way, an entire castle, and so much more. So when you’re ready to host your next event, get some high-quality Qualatex balloons in Denver. Hico Distributing offers a wide variety of Qualatex balloons, helium tanks, propane, ribbons, imprinting, and more! Contact our team today for your next event!

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