Which Balloons Can Be Filled with Helium?

Which Balloons Can Be Filled with Helium?

If you have an event that you’re planning, and you want to expand your decoration creativity, balloons are the way to go. Nowadays, you can find all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, and ideas for decorating your events with balloons. So you may be wondering which balloons can be filled with helium, and which ones would look better without.


Common Types of Balloons

Balloon materials have evolved in the last 30 years, but you will still find three main materials used in balloons: vinyl, mylar, and latex. Vinyl balloons are made with a UV-resistant vinyl material. This material is able to withstand all the weather elements it may encounter being outdoors. Rain or shine, vinyl is made to last for months. Mylar balloons are made of a type of nylon and aluminum foil. You can instantly recognize a mylar balloon for its foil-like texture. These are the metallic balloons you see that come in forms of numbers, letters and other shapes. Latex balloons have been around the longest. They have evolved since the beginning, but they remain consistent to their originality. These balloons oxidize quickly and are porous. Latex balloons are an organic substance made from the sap of rubber trees. It’s an environmentally-friendly balloon choice, but it doesn’t  last very long. Even certain helium balloons can be made out of latex! And you can tell this right away if your helium balloon is starting to drop after a day! So when you’re considering your birthday balloons wholesale for a party or an event, you’ll want to consider the type of balloon that will be beneficial to your event.


So, Which Balloons Can Be Filled With Helium?

We all know helium to be the substance that makes balloons rise. However, it is used in many other things as well. But in this case, helium is a great substance for certain balloons and their materials.

While all balloons can be filled with helium,not all are suitable for helium. Helium is non-toxic, and unlike air-filled balloons, it can float the object for several days or even weeks. Of course, this depends on the material of the balloon used, such as latex versus foil. Latex will filter gas faster than foil, which tends to retain the helium a lot longer. The choice is really up to you in terms of which balloons you intend to fill with helium. You may choose some foil and some latex, being aware that the latex will probably run out faster than foil. If you choose to get birthday balloons wholesale, a reputable company will help you choose the best quality balloons to ensure a result that lasts as long as possible.


Endless Decor Options

Now that you know some balloon materials retain helium better than others, you can begin exploring your many design options. Take a look around the internet or in magazines to get inspiration for what you’d like to have for your event. In celebratory events such as weddings and birthdays, color tones are always sending vibrant, fun, and happy messages. The traditional balloon wreaths are a perfect complement to your event, alternating the size of the balloon with the amount of air or helium. Adults are like big kids around balloons as well. Nothing tops an event more than seeing a child’s face (and adult’s alike) when they walk into a room filled with decorative, vibrant and colorful balloons.

So now that you have an idea of which balloons favor helium, there’s no stopping you from getting creative at your next event. Look to the Hico Distributing team for your next birthday celebration!

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