5 Unique Yard Baloons

5 Unique Yard Baloons

Balloons are always in style. They can light up the room (literally), bring a smile to a sad face, and can be shaped into any design you see fit. Most balloons are traditionally helium or air-filled and come in an array of colors. The only difficulty you’ll run into is deciding which unique balloons you’ll want to display in your yard. So we’ve cut the hassle for you with these 5 unique balloons wholesale for your next party.

5 Types of Balloons

The important thing to remember with yard balloons is how each kind stands up to the weather. Qualatex balloons are high-quality balloons that stand up to heat, cold, and even rain. Round 12-14” inch balloons come in many colors. Longer Qualatex balloons are used for bending, shaping and making all kinds of fun balloon animals. Lastly, spherical balloons are the perfect addition to your yard because they are versatile in shape and design.

Balloon Decor Ideas

These unique yard balloons pave the way for some creative designs. So where do you begin? You don’t need the hand of an artist to make your yard stand out. All it takes are some creative ideas, heavy duty, unique balloons wholesale, and the help of a qualified distributor.

  • Sculptures – There are some pretty creative and talented individuals out there that can create giant balloon sculptures for your front yard. Not only are they customizable in size, but in design as well! Think about your favorite cartoon character, movie actor, or special person in your life. Then choose the most accurate color combinations, and let it come together to be a work of art for your next event! A sculpture of your favorite person or object is a great talking piece, fun to build, and absolutely unique.
  • Grand Entrances –  For a party, every entrance to your home should be showcased in style! Whether you have a gate and fence, shrubs, bushes, or a few trees around your yard, create a master grand entrance with different colors, leading from greatest to smallest. Decorate the entrances in the colors that match the theme of your party.
  • Pillars – Twisted colors, rainbows, and stripes all form together to make a pillar to an entrance fit for royalty. Whether it’s a baby shower, wedding anniversary, or birthday, pillars over the VIP seat, entrance, or gift location are excellent outdoor yard enhancers that brighten the show. Plus, your unique balloons wholesale are easy to assemble!
  • Pathways – Doll up that dull walkway with a little color and a lot of style. It’s almost like having a red carpet, but with balloons. And every guest likes to feel like they’ve had the red carpet rolled out just for them. Design and color your pathways with small to large Qualax helium balloons in an array for colors that features the tone of your event.
  • Signs/Logos – This isn’t a new design idea; however, when done correctly, this can make a big scene! Balloons that are shaped and color styled to display your company logo, favorite quote, or just a plain old Happy Birthday, makes all the difference in personalizing your event. It sends a special vibe to those around your neighborhood, and especially the one whom the party is for.

Balloons have a special way of making a statement. There are brilliant and unique ways to design your yard for your event. We know these top 5 balloons will encourage and inspire you to get in the creative mode for your next party. Better yet, you’ll want to contact a distribution team that specializes in high-quality balloons for your next event. The experts at Hico Distributing are your one-stop shop for unique balloons wholesale near you! Give them a call today.

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