6 Awesome Ways To Stuff Your Balloons

6 Awesome Ways To Stuff Your Balloons

Balloons are just plain fun all on their own. But when you stuff them with confetti, teddy bears, or other treats, you have a personal, unique gift that leaves a lasting impression. So, while you’re decorating for the surprise party that’s coming up, you can think of ways to show your appreciation with balloons!

Double, Triple, Quadruple Trouble

Your traditional or helium balloons can be stuffed with more balloons to add depth and illusion. Some air-filled balloons can be inflated from small to medium sizes to fit into your bigger helium balloons. The size options are really up to you. A beautiful rose colored, heart-shaped balloon can be inflated inside a larger, less vibrantly colored helium balloon. Try stuffing the helium balloon with shimmery confetti that will dance around the heart. Perhaps you want to stuff a surprise gift inside the heart shaped balloon. The multi-balloon options are endless. So, when you’re searching “where to rent a helium tank near me” for your next special occasion, be sure to ask the representative for assistance with double or triple stuffed balloons!

Double Stuffed

If you can’t find a color that suits your style and decor, double stuffed balloons are the way to go! Double stuffing is simply inflating two balloons at the same time, one inside of the other. Here’s the fun part: with the double stuffing technique, you can customize your color by choosing two colors that blend together to make the color you need (when fully inflated). So, what you see on the market for balloon color options can be reworked and customized to fit your theme perfectly.

Parting Gifts

Party favors are a must-have for kids’ parties and large events. What better way to send them off than with a stuffed party favor? No matter the age of the attendee, simply stuff a theme-colored balloon with your parting gift, some confetti, and a thank note.

Raffle it!

Traditional event raffles could use a little sprucing up. Whether it’s a benefit or business event, stuff the larger balloon with mini balloons that hold a paper that reads a number, name, or any phrase related to the event. Pop the larger balloon and grab your pick!

Gender Reveal

Gender reveals are exciting. When you prepare your reveal, you can get creative by stuffing your surprise into a larger, matte, double stuffed balloon. The double layer will secure the answer from being revealed to curious attendees. You can stuff it with the gender colored confetti or a toy related to the gender, or you can hide the surprise in another object within the larger balloon.

Flower Bouquet

Growing in popularity is the balloon-flower combo. Now you can combine the beauty of fresh cut flowers with the excitement of a balloon. Just inflate the balloon to fit over the top of the bouquet, covering only the flowers. The balloon provides a decorative covering over a single rose or a whole bouquet. You can set the floral arrangement in a glass vase to complete your gift!

What Type of Balloons are Good for Stuffing?

Any helium or air-filled balloon will do, but the higher the quality of balloon you buy, the longer it will last. Quality is especially important when you’re setting up for a large event and you have stuffed balloons as your centerpiece. You want it to last the whole day without popping, deflating, or losing its color. Qualatex balloons are on the higher end of balloon quality, and they come in a variety of colors and shapes.

For your next event, ask the professional staff at Hico Distributing about the Qualatex color chart and let them meet your decorating needs. Stop by our showroom or give us a call to book an appointment!

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