How Do I Refill a 20lb Propane Tank?

How Do I Refill a 20lb Propane Tank?

Refilling a propane tank isn’t as difficult as it may sound. Depending on the size of the tank itself, you just may need some assistance getting it back and forth. Propane tank refills can be done at home with the help of a delivery service, or at a hardware store or a gas station. Anyone can read the signs indicating when their tank is empty, whether it’s a larger residential or commercial tank, or your simple grill tank. Your 20 lb tank will most likely be fixed to the outside of your home, and you’ll notice right away when it needs a refill.

Refilling Your 20 lb Tank

First, check for the triangular valve on the propane tank. All tanks must come equipped with this overfilling protection device (or OPD) for it to be filled safely. If your tank is older, it may not have the letters “OPD” on the tank or tag. Next, check for dents, cracks, rust, or damages of any kind. Damages to your tanks will give inaccurate readings when filling. It’s best to invest in a new tank. Next, check the date on your tank to ensure it’s less than 12 years old. Then you write down the tare weight of the tank and the amount of weight it holds, which should be located on the collar before transferring the propane to another tank. Next, you’ll attach the hose connected to the larger residential tank outside your home, and then attach your smaller tank. Open the valves on the smaller tank and use cold water to help the propane transfer. When your tank is at 80%, you can close the valves. If you’re having difficulty or have questions, you should enlist the help of your local propane tank refill service.

How You Know When You Need a Refill

Again, depending on the size of your propane tank, you’ll start to know their traits when they get low and it’s time to refill. The standard detection method is that the tank itself will feel lighter than when you first received it. Some residential propane tanks are too large to lift so it’s best to have a propane delivery service assist with this. But you can certainly lift a barbeque tank with little struggle. Get accustomed to checking the gauge on the tank. This gauge is a direct indicator of when it needs a new supply. Because your 20 lb tank is mostly likely immovable, you’ll call your local company that specializes in propane tank refill to assist. Because we live in such a technological world, you can actually download an app that connects your gauge to your smartphone for convenience. If the gauge needle is close to the full line of sitting on the green wedge, your tank is full. If it’s getting close to empty, you’ll see the needle move towards the empty “red” line. Don’t let your tank go past the 20 percent capacity mark before refilling it again, especially your residential tank. Some portable 20lb tanks can be emptied before they’re refilled; however, this is not the case with commercial or residential tanks. Another sign it’s time for a refill is when you perform the hot water test on your tank and it fails. Propane-fueled appliances are consistent when they have adequate amounts of propane. If your tank is low, you’ll know right away as the gas grill or heater won’t efficiently ring heat through. And lastly, when your grill doesn’t light or it’s been a few months, it’s probably time for a refill.

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